Our goal is to release a working chess engine in Java, C++, and C# by April 24, 2003.

Team News:

March 25 Milestone met. (the protoype works!)

Everyone should download the Java code, run, and test it. Just download the newest versions of each of the five files and compile them.

March 20 Milestone met.

March 6 Milestone met.

We have basically started from scratch again as of March 1.




John B. has added a lot more documentation for the project on his website. You can view it here: MIT Software Engineering Course.
Our chess engines are designed to work with Winboard/Xboard. XBoard and WinBoard are graphical user interfaces for chess. They display a chessboard on the screen, accept moves made with the mouse, and load and save games.

For more info on Winboard/Xboard check out their website at:

Marcell's Simple Chess Program (MSCP) is the Open Source foundation of our project.

The source code for MSCP can be downloaded from:
For a good tutorial covering the basics of chess programming visit: